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Bose Law Firm clients are professionals who research attorneys and desire to make informed decisions.  Bose Law Firm clients include attorneys, other police officers, defense contractors and military officers.   

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 Virginia DUI Case Results       

Virginia Reckless Driving Results

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Key Point: Judges are impartial, unbiased, arbiters of facts and cannot act as the advocate of the charged defendant.  Prosecutors are advocates advancing the interests of the government.  These simple truths are often overlooked by defendants.  877-372-2827 Toll Free 24/7

Virginia DUI and Virginia Reckless Driving cases are complex and difficult to win - but not impossible with the proper experience, education, practice and preparation.  Bose Law Firm clients are sophisticated professionals in search of result-oriented attorneys with acute skillsets to identify legal weaknesses in the government's case - factual and evidentiary. 

Key Point: The Government has the burden of proof and production in a Virginia DUI / Reckless Driving criminal case.  Not all facts will come into evidence.  The Government must follow the Rules of Evidence in Virginia and it is incumbent on the defendant to challenge the evidence she believes does not comport to the Rules of Evidence.  If the defendant does not challenge evidence with proper argument and legal reference, the evidence will be accepted by the Judge.  Recall,  Judges are not your advocate during trial - they are ethically bound to remain neutral.

Bose Law Firm clients, educated professionals including accountants, attorneys, and police officers, understand the structure of the criminal justice system in the United States - they appreciate the adversarial nature of our system. Criminal cases are battles of skill in which preparation, experience, education and unrelenting advocacy are paramount. 

Victories for Bose Law Firm attorneys are based on the following: 

1. the facts of the case; 
2. skill of the lawyer to identify legal issues from the facts; 
3. ability of the lawyer to advocate legal theories in a trial setting; 
4. ability of the lawyer to identify objectionable evidence during trial and pretrial, and 
5. ability of the lawyer to understand minute evidentiary and scientific issues  in cases via focused training and repeated practice in one area of the law. 

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